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Standard Shipping
12-20 Business Days Europe (England Norway  Denmark Sweden Ireland  Luxembourg etc.)
Oceanica (New Zealand)
Asia (South Korea Japan Philippines Vietnam Thailand Singapore, etc.)
Africa (South Africa Niger Cote d'Ivoire Togo Sudan)
South America (Colombia Chile Peru Argentina Ecuador Brazil)
12-15 Business Days North America (USA )
15-20 Business Days Oceanica (Australia)
Europe (Sweden Portugal Italy)
Europe (Croatia Georgia Spain Russia)
15-25 Business Days North America (Canada Mexico)
Expedited Shipping
(COST $20)
7-14 Business Days Europe (Norway Denmark Sweden Ireland Luxembourg Switzerland etc.)
Europe England
North America (USA Canada Mexico)
South America (Columbia Chile Peru Brazil Argentina Ecuador)
Asia (Korea Japan Philippines Vietnam Thailand Singapore Malaysia etc.)
Oceanica (Australia New Zealand)
Africa (South Africa Niger Cote d'Ivoire Togo Sultan)

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